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Final Report of International Police Organization Academy UNIPOL's Stand at the 13th GPEC® (General Police Equipment Exhibition & Conference®)

_ Final Report of International Police Organization Academy UNIPOL's Stand at the 13th GPE
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Final Report of International Police Organization Academy UNIPOL's Stand at the 13th GPEC® (General Police Equipment Exhibition & Conference®)

The UNIPOL Academy, as an International Police Organization Academy, proudly participated in the 13th GPEC® (General Police Equipment Exhibition & Conference®). Our stand attracted numerous visitors, including some of the most important VIPs in the field of internal security and law enforcement. This year’s event was marked by high-profile visits and meaningful interactions, underscoring the academy’s commitment to excellence and innovation in training police and military personnel.

VIP Visits and Distinguished Guests

UNIPOL Academy had the honor of hosting several distinguished guests at our stand, including:

State Secretary Dr. Tamara Zieschang from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Major General Michael Hochwart, Commandant and Director of Operations at the Military Intelligence Army Training Command Germany.

Leadership and Supervision

The International Police Conference and Exhibition were organized under the leadership and supervision of:

Dr. Uwe Wehrstedt, Director of the IPOA Academy Germany.

Under the patronage of Dr. Wehrstedt, our booth became a focal point of the exhibition, standing out for its innovation and excellence.

Dr. Alexander Jan A. M (Hany El Zahar), Executive Director / CEO of the International Police Organization Academy UNIPOL Academy, expressed his admiration for the management and success of this major event. He honored Dr. Uwe Wehrstedt on this occasion and welcomed him to his new role as Regional Director of the new organization.

Highlights of the Visit

During their visit, Dr. Alexander and Dr. Wehrstedt provided in-depth insights to the esteemed guests regarding the academy's role in advancing police and military training. Key highlights included:

Modern Techniques: Showcasing the latest training methodologies and technological advancements in law enforcement and military operations.

Recent Developments: Discussing recent trends and innovations in security training, emphasizing the academy's proactive approach to evolving threats and challenges.

Innovation and Excellence

Our stand was noted for its cutting-edge displays and interactive presentations, which highlighted UNIPOL Academy's dedication to providing top-tier training programs. The engaging demonstrations and comprehensive exhibits illustrated our focus on:

Advanced Training Programs: Tailored for police and military personnel, including special forces and security personnel in the diplomatic service.

Interactive Learning Tools: Utilizing state-of-the-art technology to enhance practical training and theoretical knowledge.


The presence of high-ranking officials and influential figures at our stand not only validated the significance of our contributions to the field but also strengthened our network and collaborative potential. The interactions and discussions held at GPEC® 2024 have paved the way for future partnerships and advancements in the training of security personnel globally.

UNIPOL Academy remains committed to its mission of delivering superior training and fostering international cooperation in internal security and law enforcement. The success of our stand at GPEC® 2024 is a testament to our ongoing efforts and achievements in this vital sector.


We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the IPOA team members and special gratitude to the European Command and police officers from Germany and the rest of Europe for visiting us. We also appreciate the support of our partner companies, including the International VIP Bodyguard, the Counter Crime Intelligence Organization, and the International Security Agency. Your contributions and collaboration were invaluable to our success at GPEC® 2024.

Next event independent event GPEC® digital in the interim year, the odd calendar years, and 2025 June 4th and 5th,

GPEC® 2026 again for all topic and equipment areas: 19 - 21 May 2026 in Leipzig, Germany


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