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Terms and Conditions of Service 

International Police Organization Academy's terms and conditions, as well as any training materials. 

Before using or gaining access to the Learning Management System or any other services provided by the INTERNATIONAL POLICE ORGANIZATION (the "Academy"), please carefully read the following terms. You accept and agree to all of the conditions and covenants imposed in this agreement by using the Learning Management System or any other services provided by the Academy. You are not permitted to use the Learning Management System or any other Academy services if you do not agree to these conditions. The general terms and conditions of UNIPOL INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY are supplemented by and added to by these terms and conditions. 


These Supplemental Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the following definitions: 

The terms "Agreement" and "Terms" apply to this set of terms and conditions as well as any updates (and including the General Terms and Conditions). 

The term "IPOA" refers to any website held by UNIPOL INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, 408 N. 4 St. Canton, Kansas 67428 USA Not For Profit Articles of Incorporation, as well as its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, successors, and assigns. 

"Website" or "Site" refers to both and its individual components collectively. 

The subscription-based database of audio-visual works that is accessible through the site and is a part of it is referred to as the "Learning Management System" or "LMS."

"Subscriber" refers to a person or entity that purchases or uses a subscription to the Learning Management System (LMS). A subscriber can be a "Multi-User Subscriber", which is a subscriber who buys a subscription for multiple users, or a "Single-User Subscriber", which is a subscriber who purchases a subscription for only one user. "Educator" refers to a teacher at a recognized K-12 school, college, or university. An educator is also considered a subscriber.

"User" refers to any party who accesses the site. If you are accessing the site as an employee or agent of another entity, "user" refers to both you and your principal. "You" or "Your" refers to the user. If you are accessing the site as an employee or agent of another entity, "You" or "Your" refers to both the user and the user's principal.

"Access" or "Accessing" refers to accessing, using, viewing, or obtaining information on the site. "Content" refers to both "Premium Content" and "Standard Content". "Exercise Files" are files prepared by authors for use with the training videos and other media. "Premium Content" includes training videos and other media available on the LMS, including the Exercise Files. "Standard Content" refers to training videos and other media available on the LMS, but excludes the Exercise Files.

"IPO Academy" grants each subscriber a limited, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, and non-transferable license to access the content and information available on the Learning Management System (LMS). This license is subject to the payment of applicable subscription fees and compliance with these terms. A "Multi-User Subscriber" may only allow its employees and agents to access the LMS. If the subscription for the Multi-User Subscriber ends, the employees and agents will no longer have access to the LMS. Each Multi-User Subscriber must ensure that the LMS is not accessed by more users than the number authorized in their subscription. Each user is allowed to access the LMS from any internet connection. A "Multi-User Subscriber Administrator" designated by the subscriber will oversee and be responsible for managing user accounts.

You agree that IPO Academy is the sole owner of all content and all legal rights related to it. You are not allowed to copy, modify, create derivative works from, decompile, or reverse engineer the content. IPO Academy owns any modifications made to or derivative works created from the content. IPO Academy strives to provide continuous access to the LMS for its subscribers, but there may be times when access is unavailable due to conditions beyond IPO Academy's control, such as force majeure, acts of God, power outages, and the actions of hackers. Access may also be unavailable due to software issues, server downtime, increased internet traffic, programming errors, regular maintenance, and other related reasons. IPO Academy will not be liable for any damages resulting from an interruption in service.

IPO Academy reserves the right to change, modify, or discontinue any aspect or feature of the site at any time. These changes, modifications, additions, or deletions will be effective immediately upon notice, which may be made by posting the changes on the site. Users are responsible for ensuring they have sufficient and compatible hardware, software, telecommunications equipment, and internet service to use the site.

The following actions are strictly prohibited for all users of the site:

  1. Transmitting, installing, uploading, or otherwise transferring any virus or other harmful item or process to the site that could damage the site or IPO Academy's computers, servers, or databases.

  2. Downloading, saving, uploading, printing, or otherwise retaining information or content from the site beyond what is explicitly allowed by these terms.

  3. Sharing your username and password or the username and password of another authorized user with others, or allowing others to access the LMS using this information.

  4. Copying, modifying, reverse engineering, disassembling, redistributing, republishing, altering, creating derivative works from, assigning, licensing, transferring, or adapting any software, information, text, graphics, source code, or HTML code or other content available on the site.

  5. Removing or modifying any copyright, trademark, legal notices, or other proprietary notations from the content available on the site.

  6. Sharing the site content with others, or using "framing," "mirroring," "in-line linking," or similar navigational technology to display the site content on another website; "deep linking" to the site or its content; or providing or renting access to the site or its content to third parties.

  7. Attempting to violate IPO Academy's security measures, accessing any data or server that you are not authorized to access, or otherwise compromising the security of the site or corrupting the site in any way.

  8. Engaging in any other conduct that violates the copyright act or other laws of the United States or any state or other jurisdiction.

  9. Using any device (such as a web crawler) or other means to collect information about other users, the site, or IPO Academy.

  10. Using the site to infringe on the intellectual property, personality, publicity, or confidentiality rights of third parties; uploading, downloading, displaying, publishing, performing, creating derivative works from, transmitting, or otherwise distributing information or content that violates the intellectual property rights of others.

  11. Misrepresenting your identity or personal information when accessing the site; forging any TCP/IP packet header or any part of the header information in any email so that it appears to be generated by IPO Academy.

  12. Posting obscene, harassing, defamatory, filthy, violent, pornographic, abusive, threatening, or illegal material on the site; or posting a communication that advocates or encourages criminal conduct or conduct that may give rise to civil liability.

  13. Understand that the International Police Organization Academy may remove any member who engages in behavior that is detrimental to the organization's reputation, disrespects the rules and regulations, or violates the law.

  14. Providing any commercial hosting service with access to the site and/or it's content.

To ensure that users do not engage in prohibited conduct, IPO Academy reserves the right to monitor use of the site and may revoke or deny access to the LMS for anyone whose use suggests prohibited conduct. Accessing materials available on the LMS beyond what would be considered normal patterns of use, or engaging in systematic copying of these materials, is considered abuse of the LMS and may result in revocation or denial of access. The terms "normal patterns" and "abuse" will be determined solely by IPO Academy. By using the site, you agree not to violate any U.S., foreign, or international software or technology export laws and regulations, including the U.S. Export Administration Regulations.

IPO Academy does not guarantee that your hardware, software, telecommunications equipment, or internet service will be sufficient or compatible for accessing the site. IPO Academy does, however, warrant that any software provided by IPO Academy will be free from material defects on the date the user acquired it. If IPO Academy breaches this warranty, its sole liability will be, at its discretion: (a) to replace the defective media or software; (b) to provide the user with instructions on how to achieve substantially the same functionality with the software as described; or (c) if the above remedies are not feasible, to refund the subscription fee paid for access to the LMS. The user must notify IPO Academy of any problems with the software within 30 calendar days of discovering the issue, or IPO Academy will not be obligated to honor this warranty. IPO Academy will make commercially reasonable efforts to repair, replace, or refund the software within 30 calendar days of receiving notification. This warranty will be void if the user modifies the software during the warranty period, subjects the medium or software to accident, abuse, or improper use, or violates the terms of this agreement. Additionally, this warranty will not apply if the software is used with hardware or software other than the unmodified versions with which it was designed to be used as described. While IPO Academy has made efforts to provide accurate information on the site, it does not guarantee or warrant the reliability, accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of that information, and it assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions.

Users access this site at their own risk. The site is provided "as is," without any warranties, and any use of the site is the user's sole responsibility. IPO Academy does not guarantee the accuracy of the information on the site, or that the site will be error-free, secure, or free from viruses. IPO Academy will not be liable for any damages resulting from the use of the site, including damages to a user's computer or loss of data. Users are also responsible for any damages resulting from downloading content from the site, including damages caused by computer viruses. IPO Academy will not be liable for any damages in excess of the amount received from the subscriber for access to the site, even if IPO Academy has been informed of the possibility of such damages. The site may contain links to third-party websites and materials, but IPO Academy is not responsible for these websites or materials and does not endorse or recommend them. IPO Academy will not be liable for any claims related to third-party materials or websites. The laws of the user's jurisdiction may modify the disclaimers and limitations of liability outlined in these terms.

"IPO Academy owns all intellectual property rights in and to its website, including but not limited to trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and proprietary content. You are not allowed to use any of this intellectual property for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of IPO Academy, except as permitted in these terms. If you submit any original intellectual property or ideas to IPO Academy, you may lose your intellectual property and moral rights in such material.

Users are prohibited from attempting to breach the security of the website. IPO Academy may investigate any potential violations and cooperate with law enforcement in prosecuting violators. IPO Academy may also temporarily suspend your access to the website during an investigation. To protect your account, it is recommended that you close your browser after using the website. You are responsible for keeping your username and password confidential. You represent and warrant that you are an adult who is legally able to accept these terms, and that you have the authority to enter into these terms on behalf of yourself or the entity you represent. You may not use someone else's account, username, or password at any time. If you become aware of any unauthorized use of your account, username, password, or credit card information, you must notify IPO Academy immediately. IPO Academy will not be liable for any loss you incur as a result of someone else using your username and password without your knowledge. You may be held liable for any losses incurred by IPO Academy or its affiliates as a result of someone else using your account, username, or password. IPO Academy will never ask for your password. If you need a new username or password, IPO Academy will generate and send a new one to your email."

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