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police and law enforcement training

Our IPOA academy offers a range of programs that focus on police and law enforcement training. We are proud to offer programs that have been approved for individuals interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement.


Please note that while we have a number of programs listed on our website, there are several additional programs available that are not currently published. If you are interested in learning more about these programs, please do not hesitate to request more information from us.


Our academy is dedicated to providing comprehensive and practical training to all of our students. We strive to create a learning environment that is supportive, engaging, and challenging. We believe that through our programs, our students are better prepared to serve and protect their communities.

  1. Human Rights and Policing Training

  2. Investigative Psychology and Profiling Training

  3. Crime Analysis and Mapping Training

  4. Advanced Surveillance and Undercover Operations Training

  5. Forensic Linguistics and Interviewing Training

  6. Tactical Medical Response Training

  7. Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

  8. Courtroom Testimony and Cross-Examination Training

  9. Counterfeit Currency and Fraud Investigations Training

  10. Child Exploitation Investigations Training

  11. White Collar Crime Investigations Training

  12. Arson and Fire Investigations Training

  13. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Training

  14. Public Order Management and Crowd Control Training

  15. Community Mediation and Conflict Resolution Training

  16. Sexual Assault Investigation and Victim Support Training

  17. Investigating Organized Crime and Corruption Training

  18. Counterterrorism and Intelligence Analysis Training

  19. Cybersecurity Incident Response Training

  20. Interviewing and Interrogating Child Witnesses Training

  21. Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Training

  22. Mobile Field Force (MFF) Operations Training

  23. Emergency Response Driving Training

  24. Investigating and Preventing Identity Theft Training

  25. Investigating and Preventing Human Trafficking Training

  26. Crisis Communications and Media Relations Training

  27. Firearms and Use of Force Instructor Training

  28. Hostage Survival Training

  29. Hostage Survival and Rescue Operations Training

  30. Counter-Narcotics Investigation Training

  31. Crisis Negotiation for High-Stress Situations Training

  32. Investigating Financial Crimes and Money Laundering Training

  33. Forensic Psychology and Behavioral Analysis Training

  34. Intelligence-Led Policing and Predictive Analytics Training

  35. Cybersecurity Risk Assessment and Management Training

  36. Use of Force Decision-Making Training

  37. Investigating Violent Crimes and Homicides Training

  38. Patrol Rifle and Shotgun Instructor Training

  39. Police Response to Mass Casualty Incidents Training

  40. Critical Incident Stress Management Training

  41. Anti-Corruption and Ethics Training

  42. Interviewing and Interrogating Terrorism Suspects Training

  43. Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS) Training

  44. Covert Surveillance and Undercover Operations Training

  45. Interrogation Techniques and Statement Analysis Training

  46. K9 Unit Operations and Training

  47. Patrol Techniques and Vehicle

  1. Advanced Criminal Investigation Techniques

  2. Police Leadership and Management

  3. Crisis Management and Response

  4. Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Training

  5. Hostage Negotiation Training

  6. Cyber Crime Investigation and Prevention

  7. Crime Scene Management

  8. Interrogation Techniques

  9. K9 Unit Training

  10. Traffic Control and Management

  11. Community Policing Strategies

  12. Forensic Science and Evidence Collection

  13. Anti-Terrorism Training

  14. Domestic Violence Prevention and Intervention

  15. Drug Enforcement Training

  16. Gang Investigation and Suppression

  17. Criminal Law and Procedure

  18. Interview and Statement Analysis

  19. Police Defensive Tactics

  20. Officer Survival and Combat Skills

  21. Crisis Intervention Training (CIT)

  22. Hostage Rescue Training

  23. Computer Forensics Training

  24. Homicide Investigation Training

  25. Gang Intervention and Prevention Training

  26. Cultural Diversity Training

  27. Search and Seizure Training

  28. Use of Force Training

  29. Criminal Investigations Training

  30. Patrol Techniques Training

  31. Firearms Training

  32. Tactical Driving Training

  33. Chemical Agent Training

  34. Crime Prevention Training

  35. Emergency Vehicle Operations Training

  36. Domestic Terrorism Response Training

  37. Intelligence Gathering and Analysis Training

  38. Active Shooter Response Training

  39. Use of Force De-escalation Training

  40. Mental Health Crisis Response Training

  41. Dealing with Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

  42. Counter Human Trafficking Training

  43. Biometric Identification Techniques Training

  44. Crisis Negotiation for Active Shooter Incidents

  45. Legal Update and Legislative Changes Training

  46. Forensic Accounting and Financial Crime Investigations

  47. Cybersecurity Awareness Training

  48. Social Media Investigations Training

  49. Artificial Intelligence in Criminal Investigations Training

  50. Domestic and International Terrorism Trends and Tactics Training

  51. Critical Infrastructure Protection Training

  52. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Operations Training

  53. Cultural Awareness and Diversity Training

  54. Crisis Negotiation with the Mentally Ill Training

  55. Active Listening and Conflict Resolution Training

  56. Anti-Terrorism and Counterinsurgency Operations Training

  57. Border Security and Control Training

  58. Criminal Investigations Training

  59. Crisis Intervention and Response Training

  60. Cybersecurity Operations Training

  61. Hostage Rescue and Crisis Negotiation Training

  62. Intelligence Gathering and Analysis Training

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