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UNIPOL Standards & Engagement

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The IPOA can benefit from the expertise of UNIPOL INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY in police and military science, as well as their commitment to creating a safer and more sustainable world. To promote awareness and adoption of safer products, services, systems, and behaviors, the university could consider incorporating UNIPOL Standards & Engagement's policies and initiatives into its curriculum and research projects.


Additionally, the IPOA and UNIPOL INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY Standards & Engagement could collaborate on building policy partnerships to ensure that police and military science knowledge reaches relevant professionals, policymakers, scientists, and industry leaders who use safety science to protect and educate communities. Such collaboration could promote the safe commercialization of emerging technologies and the adoption of scientifically tested measures and policy changes that can enhance safety.


Joint research projects that focus on police and military science and aim to create practical safety guidance could be developed by the IPOA and UNIPOL INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY Standards & Engagement. By leveraging UNIPOL Standards & Engagement's independent research and scientific acumen, UNIPOL INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY could contribute to developing unbiased consensus-based standards, which could provide a dynamic roadmap towards a safer future.

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