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Distinguished Professor Paul Mazziotta Takes the Helm as International Coordinator for U.S.A @ IPOA

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Distinguished Professor, Paul Mazziotta Takes the Helm as International Coordinator for the United States at the International Police Organization Academy

In a significant stride towards bolstering international security and law enforcement efforts, Professor Paul Mazziotta has assumed the esteemed position of International Coordinator for the United States at the renowned International Police Organization Academy (IPOA). This appointment comes as a testament to Professor Mazziotta's exceptional expertise and unwavering dedication to the realms of security, intelligence, and counterterrorism.

Professor, Mazziotta's remarkable journey in the field of security and law enforcement is marked by a series of distinguished accomplishments, making him a key figure in the global fight against crime and terrorism. His academic accolades include a Master's Degree in Forensic Psychology and Criminal Investigation from the prestigious University of Liverpool, coupled with a Master's Degree from Manchester Metropolitan University's Faculty of Humanities, Languages and Social Science.

A true trailblazer, Professor, Mazziotta boasts a high university degree in Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime from HPSSS National American University, solidifying his expertise in confronting modern security challenges. He has also contributed significantly as a consultant and adjunct for the United States Department of Defense, playing a pivotal role in shaping strategic security and intelligence strategies.

Further attesting to his eminence, Professor, Mazziotta's involvement with key organizations like the US FEMA, Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the US Department of Homeland Security underscores his commitment to emergency management and national resilience. Additionally, his role within the United States Intelligence Community & ODNI, specializing in Special Operations Geo Intelligence, speaks volumes about his profound contributions to the nation's intelligence efforts.

Dedicated to continuous growth and innovation, Professor Mazziotta is actively engaged in developing specialized training programs in strategic security, intelligence, and counterterrorism. His pursuit of academic excellence aligns with his commitment to advancing knowledge in counterterrorism, intelligence, and strategic security.

Professor Mazziotta's academic focus on "Behavioural Analysis and Forensic Linguistics" signifies his dedication to refining techniques such as "Criminal Profiling" and "Behavioural Verbal/Non Verbal Patterning," with direct applications in "Terrorism Investigation Profiling and Interrogation." His vision is to leverage these insights for the betterment of security practices and law enforcement strategies.

This appointment has been made under the esteemed leadership of Dr. Alexander Jan M (Hany El Zahar), Director of the IPOA Academy, with valuable contributions from distinguished figures like Prof. Yuval Binstoc from The International Police University and Sir Junustia Brecen as a Board Trustee, along with Rtd. Senior Superintendent Police Shuaib Adam Hsc Oly Vj, as the International Director of Law Enforcement.

As International Coordinator for the United States, Professor Paul Mazziotta is set to further elevate the standards of security, intelligence, and counterterrorism, and his contributions are sure to resonate on the global stage.

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