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Major Dr. Khadija Al Shamsi Appointed as International Police Consultant - Section UAE by IPOA

The International Police Organization Academy, under the esteemed leadership of Dr. Alexander Jan M (Hany El Zahar), Director of the IPOA Academy, is proud to have Major Dr. Khadija Al Shamsi as an International Police Consultant - Section UAE. Her exceptional leadership, expertise, and dedication to making a positive impact on society make her an inspiring role model for aspiring law enforcement professionals.

We are thrilled to announce that Major Dr. Khadija Al Shamsi, a highly accomplished and influential Emirati leader in law enforcement, has been appointed as an International Police Consultant - Section UAE by the International Police Organization Academy (IPOA Academy). This prestigious position recognizes her outstanding contributions and expertise in the field.

Dr. Al Shamsi's extensive experience and specialization in Criminal Sociology have made her a true trailblazer. Her deep understanding of social phenomena and complex factors contributing to criminal behavior sets her apart as an exceptional leader. By going beyond traditional criminology and examining the broader social context, she has played a vital role in addressing emerging societal issues and enhancing law enforcement strategies.

In her role as Director of Strategy at the General Directorate of Guards and Special Missions in Abu Dhabi Police, Dr. Al Shamsi has demonstrated visionary leadership and a commitment to excellence. Under her guidance, innovative programs and initiatives have been implemented, resulting in significant contributions to crime reduction and the prevention of emerging crimes.

Throughout her career, Dr. Al Shamsi's dedication to continuous learning and professional growth has been unwavering. Starting as a social researcher and later transitioning to the Women's Police School, she has gained invaluable experience and a comprehensive understanding of various facets of law enforcement. Her exceptional performance and contributions have been recognized through numerous commendations, awards, and certificates of appreciation from esteemed organizations.

Dr. Al Shamsi is not only an accomplished leader but also a respected author. Her published works focus on ethical and aesthetic values in Gulf education and training curricula for police colleges and schools, demonstrating her commitment to knowledge sharing and improving educational practices in law enforcement.

As an advocate for gender equality, Dr. Al Shamsi actively encourages and supports the inclusion of female officers, recognizing their vital role in law enforcement. Her efforts in empowering women and providing them with the necessary skills and training pave the way for their success and advancement within the police and security sector.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Major Dr. Khadija Al Shamsi on this prestigious appointment. Her passion for Criminal Sociology, commitment to excellence, and relentless pursuit of knowledge continue to elevate the standards of law enforcement practices in the United Arab Emirates and beyond.

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