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International Police Organization Academy's Strategic for International Cooperation Summit.

Title: Government Liaison Takes Center Stage at IPOA Academy's Strategic for International Cooperation Summit

Date: July 5, 2023

on July 5, 2023, a significant meeting was convened at the International Police Organization Academy to strengthen government cooperation and representation. Dr. Mira Hoteit, a highly qualified professional with expertise in criminology, forensic psychology, and forensic science, was appointed as the Coordinator Director for Lebanon at the IPOA Academy.

Accompanied by a supportive delegation, Dr. Mira Hoteit visited the Academy with the aim of fostering future partnerships between the Academy and the Lebanese government, solidifying their collaboration in the field of security and law enforcement.

The delegation, led by Dr. Hoteit, was warmly received by Dr. Alexander Jan (Hany El Zahar), the Director of the International Police Organization Academy, and Mr. Mahmoud Hamieh, the International Cooperation Manager at the Belgium section. During the meeting, Dr. Hoteit presented her credentials as the representative and liaison for government cooperation with the Lebanese government.

The collaborative efforts between the Academy, the Lebanese Ministry of Interior, and the army are aimed at supporting the region and enhancing security cooperation. A primary focus will be providing training to personnel associated with United Nations facilities, including civilians and workers, to raise security awareness and foster cooperation among the police, military, and citizens.

Mr. Mahmoud Hamieh, the International Cooperation Manager at the Belgium section, played a pivotal role in ensuring coordination and adherence to protocols, facilitating the delegation's reception from their arrival until their departure.

Expressing gratitude for the warm reception, the esteemed guests conveyed their admiration for the Academy's future plans and recognized the significance of these initiatives in advancing collaboration between citizens and security personnel.

Toward the end of the meeting, Dr. Alexander Jan (Hany El Zahar) presented the delegation with accreditation certificates and membership cards, symbolizing their official involvement and commitment to the partnership.

The IPOA Academy is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Mira Hoteit as the Coordinator Director for Lebanon, recognizing her expertise and qualifications in the field of criminology, forensic psychology, and forensic science. With her extensive educational and professional background, including a Master's in Criminology with Forensic Psychology from Middlesex University of London and a Bachelor's in Forensic Science from the American University of Science and Technology, Dr. Hoteit brings valuable knowledge and experience to her new role.

Stay tuned for further updates on upcoming steps and new initiatives that will benefit all our members. The IPOA Academy is committed to continued progress, enhancing cooperation, fostering harmony between the Academy and the government, and promoting security and peace in the region.


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