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"International Police Organization Academy Appointment Director of International Police Cooperation"

The International Police Organization Academy extends its heartfelt congratulations

to H.E Hon. M. Don Lahoucine Goghrod on his prestigious appointment as Honorary Director of International Police Cooperation.

Under the esteemed leadership of Dr. Alexander Jan M (Hany El Zahar), Director of the IPOA Academy, and with valuable contributions from Prof. Yuval Binstoc, Sir Junustia Brecen, and Rtd. Senior Superintendent Police Shuaib Adam Hsc Oly Vj, the International Director of Law Enforcement, Police, and Military, this momentous achievement is recognized and celebrated.

H.E Hon. M. Don Lahoucine Goghrod brings over 20 years of unparalleled experience to this distinguished role, with a rich history of service, including notable contributions to the Metropolitan Police Service / Scotland Yard in London. His journey in law enforcement encompasses roles such as Station Officer and service with the elite SO15 Counter Terrorism Command Unit, showcasing his expertise in intelligence. Recognized for his outstanding contributions, H.E Hon. M. Don Lahoucine Goghrod has been honored with a prestigious Police commendation, Best Police Staff of the Year, and a Police Medal by the UK Prime Minister, underscoring his exceptional commitment to public safety.

Beyond national borders, H.E Hon. M. Don Lahoucine Goghrod currently serves as an Ambassador/Diplomat with the United Nations (UNASDG), holding the crucial role of Director in charge of International Police Cooperation at the global level. In this capacity, he fosters collaboration and coordination between law enforcement agencies worldwide. As a proud member of the International Police Association (IPA) and an executive member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), H.E Hon. M. Don Lahoucine Goghrod is dedicated to advancing the standards of policing and promoting international cooperation in the pursuit of justice.

His commitment to excellence, coupled with his diplomatic endeavors, positions H.E Hon. M. Don Lahoucine Goghrod as an exemplary figure in the realm of law enforcement, embodying the highest standards of professionalism and service.

Congratulations on this well-deserved appointment.

International Police Organization Academy Board of Directors


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