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International Coordinator for Caribbean, Central, and South America Appointed at IPOA

International Police Organization Academy (IPOA)

Press Release


International Coordinator for Caribbean, Central, and South America Appointed at IPOA

24/05/2014 The International Police Organization Academy (IPOA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Captain Salvatore Pittorru as the International Coordinator for the Caribbean, Central, and South America. This significant role focuses on advancing maritime and underwater security operations in the region. Under the esteemed leadership of Dr. Alexander Jan M (Hany El Zahar), Director of the IPOA Academy, Captain Salvatore Pittorru's efforts will be guided by Dr. Alexander Jan M's invaluable expertise, enhancing international cooperation and promoting security in the maritime domain.

The IPOA has gained international recognition as a premier institution that shares best practices, fosters cooperation, and upholds the highest standards in law enforcement training. Driven by a shared commitment to global security, Captain Salvatore Pittorru's appointment represents a pivotal step towards strengthening law enforcement efforts and collaboration within the Caribbean, Central, and South America regions.

Captain Salvatore Pittorru brings a wealth of qualifications and experience to his new role. With a Master's degree in Mariner, Marine Inspection, Naval Defense, and Maritime Intelligence, along with a high university degree in Security Management, he possesses a strong foundation for effective leadership. Additionally, Captain Salvatore Pittorru holds official licenses as an IMO Maritime Trainer (IMO model course 6.09), underscoring his commitment to professional development and training.

As a seasoned maritime security instructor in coastal and riverine operations, Captain Salvatore Pittorru has demonstrated his expertise in the field. His background includes serving as a maritime security advisor and intelligence analyst, earning professional certifications from the prestigious Italian Nautical Institute. Notably, his specialization in diving security instruction has allowed him to conduct comprehensive training courses and workshops.

Captain Salvatore Pittorru's proficiency extends beyond instruction and consulting. He possesses extensive experience as a Port Facility Security Officer, Port State Control Inspector, Container Inspector, Maritime Auditor, and Port and Terminal Manager. With certifications in various maritime security and intelligence fields, his expertise covers topics such as anti-piracy, anti-terrorism, port security operations, waterborne operations, underwater crime scene investigation, and medic first aid and medevac training.

Expressing his enthusiasm for his new role, Captain Salvatore Pittorru emphasizes his commitment to enhancing international cooperation and ensuring the security and safety of maritime operations in the Caribbean, Central, and South America. His profound knowledge, coupled with his dedication to maritime security, positions him as a catalyst for positive change and progress in his capacity as the International Coordinator.

The IPOA extends its congratulations to Captain Salvatore Pittorru on his appointment and expresses sincere appreciation to Dr. Alexander Jan M (Hany El Zahar) for his exceptional leadership and guidance. Together, under their collective expertise and dedication, the IPOA is poised to strengthen international law enforcement cooperation and promote the safety and security of maritime operations in the Caribbean, Central, and South America.

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